Sonal Varshneya from Uttar Pradesh selected as the first runner-up and Akshay Maiti, the second.

Bengali artist Suman Chandra has won the triennial Centre of International Modern Art (CIMA) award. The award, instituted by the Kolkata-based CIMA and its sister organisation Art & Heritage Foundation, is for Chandra’s work titled `Black Grave 2’, created on canvas with coal dust, brick dust, charcoal, acrylic, pen and ink.

Suman Chandra

The CIMA award recognises excellence in visual arts and aims to reward young artists from across India for their talent and creativity. The fourth edition of the awards was held in Kolkata on February 5.

Sonal Varshneya from Uttar Pradesh was selected as the first runner-up and Akshay Maiti from Bengal, the second. Vaishneya’s Kissa Goi  and Maiti’s  Structural Anatomy were the works chosen for the recognition.

Two special jury awards went to Asis Kumar Mahakud for his audio video projection titled ‘Virtual Song’ and Ravi Morya for his untitled acrylic and paper collage on canvas.

The event also honoured Arpita Singh, the veteran modernist, and Tasneem Zakariya Mehta, the director of the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, the oldest museum in Mumbai.

Black grave painting by Suman Chandra

Rakhi Sarkar, director of CIMA, said the awards were  set- up in 2015 to provide a fair, open, and accessible platform to artists from across the country. It provides almost 200 artists participated in the fourth edition, she noted.

“The art in CIMA Awards 2022 comes from the heart and soul of our country,” she said. “They express the voices of the young generation of India and are all genuine, powerful and touch your heart and mind and that is what makes this show so exciting.!” 


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