How to perform the second and third  Sammishram adavus ?

In the last series, we discussed the first Sammishram adavu.  Here we are explaining the next two adavus in Sammishram. 

Thai tha 1

x Taita1 –Ti2 Tai Tai3 Tomx Taitav –Tix Tai Taiv Tom

Thai tha 2

x Taita1 –Ti2 Tai tai3 Tomx Taitav –Tix Tai taiv Tom

The movements for both theses adavus are same. While the first set is done with hands kept on the waist, the second set is done with hasta mudras. The movements are explained below.

This adavu is used to move in diagonal directions and occasionally for sideward movement. Hold the Ardhachandra gesture in the right hand with the palm facing upwards. The right arm should be held upwards in the half-bend position parallel to the head. The left hand is held in hamsasya in front of the chest. Stamp the right foot once for Thei Tha. While the torso should be held straight, the face should turn towards the right hand. 

For Dhi Thei Thei Thom, stamp the left foot once. Change the right hand to Hamsasya and the left hand to Ardhachandran facing downwards. Doing this, move towards the front and look towards the left diagonal. Place the footsteps in such a way as to move diagonally. Repeat continuously.

This step is done at second speed with two steps for ‘Thei Tha’; first with the right and then with the left; and two steps for ‘Dhi Thei Thei Thom’. When done in the third speed, four steps are done for ‘Thei Tha’ and four for ‘Dhi Thei Thei Thom’.

Tham kida tha thitha

x Tam kita1 Tathi2 Tarikita3 Dhimitakax Tonkuv Tlankux Tadhimv Kina

Stand in aramandalam with right arm bent in Muzhuvrittam with Pathaka Hastha held in front of chest and left arm extended out to the left side in Dolam Hastha. Bend the torso towards the left and stamp the right foot twice on the spot for ‘Thangida Tha Thith’. At this time shake the wrist forward and backward, twice, ever so slightly. Step the right foot out to the right side for ‘Tharikida’ while beginning to rotate the right arm downwards in a circular manner using Anjali mudra.

 Sway the torso towards the right while doing this movement. Stamp the left foot in the same spot for ‘Dhimi Thaka’ while bringing the right arm slowly back to center. For ‘Thongu’ step the right foot behind the left on its toes and continue to lift the moving right arm upwards slightly above the head. Sway torso to the left. Stamp the left foot flat on the spot for ‘Thlangu’ while slowly bringing the right arm downwards as shown in the image. Stamp the right foot twice for ‘Thadhim Kinnam’ while continuing to move the right arm gracefully towards the right side of the body ending in a Dolam. Torso bends towards the right. Repeat the entire sequence to the left.

Assisted by Sreekanth Janardhanan

Photo Courtesy: Natanakairali Archives

Artist: Ms. Ameena Shanavas

Video Clipping: Mohiniyattam Artists:  Ms. Ameena Shanavas (Thai tha), Nisha Ranjith (Thangida tha thitha)


Guru Nirmala Paniker is a danseuse, choreographer and researcher of repute. She established Natanakaisiki, the dance research and training wing of Natanakairali.

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