To perfect the Mohiniyattam adavus a dancer should undergo many years of training rigorous training under a guru.

 We have been discussing Aruti adavus in the last few parts. In this part, we are elaborating the last advau in the aruti adavu category.

Stand in aramandalam with both arms bent in Muzhuvrittam with Tripathaka Hastha held in front of chest; both palms facing down. Put the right foot out on its heel (with knees bent) for ‘Tha’ and return it back to its original place for ‘Dhim’. At this time Flip the right palm to face upwards and then return to it original position facing downwards in time with the stamp. Repeat the same to the left for ‘Thaka Naka’ this time flipping the left palm open and then returning it to face downwards.

Place the right foot on it toes behind the left; rising ever so slightly like ‘spring action’ for ‘Thaka’ followed by placing the right foot back to its original position next to the left in aramandalam for ‘Dhi’. The right hand is rotated from the wrist outwards in Ardhachandran Hastha and ends in Hamsasya Hastha in front of chest. Repeat the same once to the left and once more to the right for ‘Thaka Naka’ and ‘Dhruku Thaka’. Next, place the right foot on its heel, followed by a stamp of the left foot on the spot and return the right foot next to the left, back to its original position (Dhi Thi Thei) for ‘Tharikida Dinna’. At this time open the right palm to Ardhachandran and shake it ever so slightly and return to Hamsasya Hastha. 

For ‘Thlangu’, stamp the right foot and lift it making a small circle. Rotate the right palm once more from the wrist transitioning from Ardhachandran to Hamsasya Hastha. Stamp the lifted right foot to the front with a slight jump, followed by a stamp of the left foot and then a stamp of the right foot again for ‘Dinna Thom’.

Repeat the entire sequence to the left.

Photo Courtesy : Natanakairali Archives

Assissted by Sreekanth Janardhanan

Artists Ms. Bindu Rajendren

Video Clipping : Ms. Anju Peter


Guru Nirmala Paniker is a danseuse, choreographer and researcher of repute. She established Natanakaisiki, the dance research and training wing of Natanakairali.

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