In the last few series, we were discussing the Jaganam set of adavus.  In the last series, we discussed Jakkathathithakkadhimi adavus. Here we are exploring three adavus on Jagajagajamthitha category.

Adavu – 1

Hold the hands in front of the chest forming an egg shape. Open the palm of the left hand and place the right palm on top of that with the fingers of both hands pressing against each other. Eyes should be facing straight in the front at this time. Hold the half-sit position. When the Adavu starts raise up to the quarter-sit position while raising heels of both feet. For ‘Ja’ softly place the right foot two inches in the front and towards the right. For ‘Ga’ bring the left foot in line with the right foot. Like this, move step by step towards the right for ‘Jag ga ja ga jam’ three times.

For ‘Thitha’  hit the right heel one foot towards the right diagonal. Hit the left foot and sit down to half-sit position. Bring the right hand above the right foot and slightly below the right shoulder with the palm facing up. Hold the left palm facing down with the elbow in quarter-bent position and slightly towards the left diagonal in front of the body.

Bend towards the right and look towards the right hand. Once the syllables of the Adavu are over, stay in the final position and move the eyes above the left hand within the time of a ‘Thaka Dhimi’ beat.

Adavu – 2

For this adavu same movements are used as in the first adavu. Only the Mudras are different. In the first adavu mudras are Tripatakams. Second adavu has Hamsasyam, Ardhachandran and Tripatakam.

Adavu – 3

Hold the Thripathaka gesture in the right hand that is extended to the right side with palm opening up. Turn the face towards the open palm. Hold the left hand close to the chest with Thripathaka gesture and palm facing down. For ‘Jagam’ turn the right foot towards the right and hit standing in the Samam position. Face and eyes should be in Samam position. Right palm should face down and left palm should face up while doing this.

Moving to Right side

 For ‘Tha’ hold the right hand facing up and left hand facing down. While doing this, face and eyes should turn towards the right hand. Turn the right foot towards the right and hit in front of the right foot on the right side.  While doing this, heel of the right foot will naturally raise from the floor.

 For ‘kitha’ hit the right foot in front and right side of the left foot. For ‘Gathi’ hit the both heels adopting the half-sit position. For ‘Kithagathi’ hold the right hand close to the chest with bent elbows and palm facing down and the left hand moving from the bent position towards the left with palm facing up. Look towards the right hand for ‘Kitha’ and towards the left for ‘gathi’.

Turning and moving  to left side

 Repeat this on the left side. However, extend the right hand towards the front with palm facing up for ‘Gathi’. Look towards the right hand. Hit the right foot straight in the front for ‘Jagam’ with face and eyes aligned straight. Right hand should face down and left hand should face up. For ‘Tha’ hit the left foot straight in the front and slightly ahead of the right foot.

Right hand should face up and left hand should face down during this while the eyes should move towards the right hand. For ‘Kitha’ bring the right foot in the same line as left foot and for ‘Gathi’ hit both heels adopting half-sit position. Hold the eyes straight and invert the position of both hands. Repeat the same movement in the reverse direction now – left foot first, then the right foot, and then hit the heels of both legs in half-sit. Hold the hand at the same place relative to the body and just invert the hands during leg movements.

After finishing the right and left go forward and backward. When you go forward right hand in front of the left hand and finally when you come back left hand in front of right hand. Coming back the final position you need not turn back.  With this we complete the Taganam group of Adavu-s.

Assisted by Sreekanth Janardhanan

Assisted by Sreekanth Janardhanan

Photo Courtesy: Natanakairali Archives ; Artist: Anju Peter

Video Clipping:  Mohiniyattam Artist Ameena Shanavas.

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Guru Nirmala Paniker is a danseuse, choreographer and researcher of repute. She established Natanakaisiki, the dance research and training wing of Natanakairali.

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