Sammishram Adavus are the last group of basic adavus taught to a Mohiniyattam student. 

In the last two series, we discussed three Sammisharam adavus. Here we are elaborating the next two adavus in the Sammisharam group. 

Sammishram adavu:

Tham kita tha thitha 2

xTam kita1Tathi2Tarikita3DhimitakaxTonkuvThlankuxTadhimvKina
Selected photos from Thangida tha thitha

Stand in aramandalam with both arms bent in Muzhuvrittam with Mushti Hastha held in front of chest; right fist held facing downwards and left held facing upwards. Bend the torso towards the left and stamp the right foot twice on the spot for ‘Thangida Tha Thith’. At this time shake the wrists forward and backwards, twice, ever so slightly. Step the right foot out to right side for ‘Tharikida’ while opening the palms in tripathaka and flipping it to the opposite direction as shown in image. Sway the torso towards the right while doing this movement. Stamp the left foot in the same spot for ‘Dhimi Thaka’. For ‘Thongu’ step the right foot behind the left on its toes and begin to flip the palms in the opposite direction. Sway torso to the left. Stamp the left foot flat on the spot for ‘Thlangu’ while completing the flipping of the palms as shown in image. Stamp the right foot twice for ‘Thadhim Kinnam’ and flip the palms again while the torso bends towards the right. Repeat the entire sequence to the left.

Tham Tha Ritha Dhintha 3

xTham 1Tha2Ri tha3DhinthaxDhimvDhixMitavDhintha
Selected photos from Tham Tha Ritha Dhintha

Begin the adavu in aramandalam with right arm bent and palm held in Ardhachandran slightly below shoulder level. Left arm should be bent and palm held in Hamsasya Hastha mudra at ear level. For Tham step towards the right with the right foot and sway the body softly towards the right. For ‘Tha Ri tha’, stamp the left foot on the spot and softly begin to sway the torso back and return to centre. Change the mudra of the right hand to Hamsasya and left to Ardhachandran for ‘Dhim Dhi Mita’. Look towards the left hand. At this time place the right foot on its toes behind the left, followed by stamping the left foot on the spot. For ‘Dhinta’, the right foot that is placed behind the left on its toes, followed by a stamp of the left foot on the spot followed by bringing back the right foot next to the left and end in an aramandalam stance. Torso bends towards the right. Rotate the right palm in Ardhachandran outwards and end it in Hamsasya mudra as shown in image. 

Do the entire sequence to the left.

Assisted by Sreekanth Janardhanan

Photo Courtesy : Natanakairali Archives

Artists : Bindu Rajendren, Sruthi KP

Video Clipping: Ms. Nisha Ranjith 


Guru Nirmala Paniker is a danseuse, choreographer and researcher of repute. She established Natanakaisiki, the dance research and training wing of Natanakairali.

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