We discussed some of the Asamyutha Mudras(Single hand gestures) in the last part of this series. Here we are discussing gestures with two hands and their notations.


First hold the fingers in the Mudrakhya posture that is, touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the fore-finger. Then touch the bottom line of the thumb with the tip of the middle finger

The following are a few selected double-handed usages: Vishnu, Krishna, Balabhadra, Arrow, Gold, Blue Lotus, Crown and Chariot.

Katakam (Double handed usages)


Should start – by holding hands in obeisance with Anjali Mudra

Krishna with his flute



Show the mudras seen in the photo and look at the sharp end of the arrow.


Move the mudras as if rubbing each other.

Blue Lotus



Assisted by Sreekanth Janardhanan

Photo Courtesy: Natanakairali Archives


Guru Nirmala Paniker is a danseuse, choreographer and researcher of repute. She established Natanakaisiki, the dance research and training wing of Natanakairali.

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