We explained many popular mudras, their notations and how they are used in various situations in Mohiniyattam. Continuing that, in this part, we are exploring more of those.


Hold Mushti mudra in both hands at chest level. Keep the right hand behind the left as shown in the image. Rock the body slightly and pull the arms back and forth as if riding a horse.

Blessings/ Salvation

Hold Mushti mudra in both hand and place the right wrist over the left with the mudras facing down as shown in the image. Slowly release the position by moving the fists back and forth at the wrists and end with the hands separated and Mushti mudra facing up.


Keeping the right hand in Mushti over the left, move the fists back and forth as the arms are moved in a circle around the face from the left to the right. Make a small circle with the fists in front of the chest to finish the viniyoga.


In Mushti, move the wrists back and forth as the arms are brought from down to up in front of the chest.


There are two ways to do this viniyoga. For the first one keep the wrists together and rotate the hands in Mushti Hastha against each other. For the second one, keep the right hand in Mushti upright over the left hand and do a grinding movement.


To commence the viniyoga keep Mushti in both hands and hold the arms on either side of the ear. Throw the hands out and open the palms to finish the viniyoga.


Keeping the left arm bent with the hand in Mushti Hastha in front of the chest, circle the right hand around the left, swivelling from the right elbow, three times.

Giving Birth

Start the viniyoga by keeping both hands in Mushti joined at the wrist, right on top of left facing outwards. Without separating the hands, rotate towards the right and then open out the right palm as the right hand comes downwards as shown in image.


Guru Nirmala Paniker is a danseuse, choreographer and researcher of repute. She established Natanakaisiki, the dance research and training wing of Natanakairali.

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