How to perform the thrid and fourth thaganam Adavu?

In the past few articles, we have been demonstrating various adavus under Thaganam adavus.
In part 51, we discussed the first and second Adavus of Thaganam in the last edition. Three
and four are discussed today.

Adavu 3

Thatheyyam Thitheyyam thimitheyyam theyyam thatha

X Thathe1 Yyam2 Thi3 TheyyamX ThimitheV YyamX TheyyamV Thatha

The snapshots of different segments of this adavu are given in the following photographs.

The characteristic of this adavus that it begins from half-sit position and moves through quarter, three-quarter and full-sit positions.

The aesthetics of its movements deserve special mention.

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Adavu 4

Thathei theyyam thatha dhithithei

X Tha1 Thei2 Theyyam3 ThathaX DhiV ThiX TheiV ThakaDhimi

Keep the left hand at the left hip and with Hamsasya in the right hand close to the chest. Hit the toe of the right foot towards the right diagonal at one foot. Hold the right hand above the right foot with the Ardhachandra gesture and bend the body towards right. Eyes should focus above the right and towards the right diagonal.

For the second beat Thei, bring the right hand back in the original position near the chest with Hamsasya. Bring the eyes towards the left diagonal focusing on the floor in the front. Hit the toes of the right foot close to the left foot and keep the body bent towards the right side.

For the next beat Theyyam, start from a quarter-sit position, and rotate towards the left on the axis of the left leg while keeping the right leg lifted with the toes pointing towards the left knee. While doing this, hold Ardhachandra on the right hand above the right foot opening towards the middle of the body.

After rotating, stand in the half-sit position for the next beat Thatha.

For Thi, hit the right heel towards the right diagonal at about one foot. Hold Hamsasya gesture in the right hand above the head and in straight line with the right foot and bend the body towards the right. Look towards the right hand. For Thi hit the left foot holding the same position.

For Thei, hit the right foot while holding half-sit position. Move the right hand from Hamsasya to Ardhachandra positioning it about two inches below the waist and 6 inches away from the body and with the palm facing upwards. Hold the body straight and eyes in Samam.

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Photo Courtesy: Natanakairali Archives

Artist: Keiko Okano

Video Clipping: Anju Peter (Tha Thai) and  Ameena Shanavas (Tha-theyyam).


Guru Nirmala Paniker is a danseuse, choreographer and researcher of repute. She established Natanakaisiki, the dance research and training wing of Natanakairali.

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